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Welcome to Select Plumbing and Gas, your trusted local experts in Sunbury. We’re here to meet all your plumbing and gas needs, including clearing blocked drains, fixing water leaks, hot water repairs, and an emergency plumber.

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Our premier plumbing and gas services in Sunbury include blocked drains, water leaks, hot water repairs, and an emergency plumber. Contact us for expert assistance.

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Sunbury Local Plumber

Sunbury, a charming suburb of Melbourne, offers an ideal balance of urban conveniences and picturesque surroundings, making it an attractive location to live and work. With its easy access to the city centre, Sunbury provides a range of benefits that contribute to an exceptional lifestyle for residents and businesses alike. One of the most notable advantages of living and working in Sunbury is the strong sense of community. This welcoming atmosphere fosters a supportive environment for businesses, families and individuals to thrive. A diverse range of local shops, cafes and restaurants also contribute to Sunbury’s vibrant culture, ensuring that residents and workers have access to a wide array of services and amenities. For residents who need to commute into Melbourne’s central business district, Sunbury has an excellent transport system, making commuting to and from the city a breeze- Having both the Metro and the V-Line!

Select Plumbing and Gas is proud to serve the thriving suburb of Sunbury. Our commitment to providing exceptional plumbing and gas services aligns with the community’s values and the suburb’s growth. By choosing to live and work in Sunbury, residents enjoy a harmonious blend of urban amenities, a strong community spirit, and a picturesque environment that truly makes it a desirable location.

Blocked drains in Sunbury

At Select Plumbing and Gas, we know how frustrating blocked drains can be for our clients in Sunbury. That’s why we’re committed to offering superior services with a personal touch. Our experienced team is always on standby to clear your blocked drains using the latest high-tech equipment. We’ll fix your plumbing and gas problems in no time!

Water leaks in Sunbury


We know that water leaks can be frustrating, challenging and expensive for our clients in Sunbury. So why not call our team of seasoned experts to fix your water leaks? Equipped with the latest tools and technology, we’ll identify, locate and repair your water leaks, preventing any further damage to your property.

Hot water repairs in Sunbury


Are you searching for expert hot water repairs in Sunbury? Why not rely on the experts at Select Plumbing and Gas? We specialise in fixing all types of hot water systems, from gas to electric and solar. Our skilled team swiftly identifies the problem and fixes the issue, ensuring that your hot water system is back up and running efficiently. With our expert hot water repairs, you can say goodbye to cold showers forever!

Emergency plumber in Sunbury

Plumbing emergencies don’t wait, and neither do we! We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Sunbury to tackle your urgent needs. Our emergency plumber is always ready to address any issues, be it a burst pipe, dripping tap or clogged toilet. Trust us for quick, effective solutions for all your plumbing emergencies in Sunbury.


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